M. Stultz – Warren, NJ

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We’ve been eating GLF organic foods for seven years, and our doctors thank us for it. Our (my wife and I) cholesterol and other metrics on our yearly physical exams have dropped consistently from eating the organic meats, no-salt butter, gluten-free pastas, and other dry goods.

In those seven years, we’ve never had a bad cut of meat. It’s always packaged fresh, trimmed appropriately, very little fat, and delicious. The London broil and filet mignon are especially tasty. And the kids never say no to the chicken nuggets, pizza, and burritos.

The owner of GLF even traded us his own freezer after ours broke. And GLF replaced all the meat we lost during the power outages of Hurricane Sandy. I can’t say enough good things about this company. We’re life-long customers.

June 2, 2017